How to download copyright free images for blog/content writer

How to download copyright-free images for blog

How to download copyright free images for blog/content writer

If you are a Blogger, Youtuber, or Content Writer, then perhaps you can understand the importance of pictures more than an ordinary person.

Whether to make a video, make a thumbnail, write an article, or apply it Screenshot … Photos are useful for us everywhere.

But in this era of the internet, where most of the good photos are copyrighted by the person who made them, that is, we cannot use them without the permission of the owner of that photo. Using them without permission may cause us harm.

Apart from this, there are some such pictures which we can use in our article, but with this, we also have to give credit attribute to the creator of that photo; While stating that this photo is yours, brother, I am using it only.

Due to the lack of good pictures, your words do not sound at all, so in this post today we are going to talk about those 6 photo-websites, which provide particularly good and copyright-free images to freelancers. So, let us know in detail about these five websites-

6 popular websites to download copyright-free photos / Popular Website to Download Copyright- Royalty-Free Images in Hindi


Pixabay is one of the most excellent websites to download Uncopyrighted Photos. This website has been continuously providing royalty-free images to people since 2010.

PixaBay has a collection of over 1 million photographs. And currently, it has more than one billion users worldwide. Pixabay is a German photo-sharing website on which you can create an account if you want, otherwise, you can access thousands of HD pictures in it without any problem without creating an account on it.

If you talk about the interface of its website, then in Pixabay you get the option of search, on which you can search by entering the topic of the kind of photo you need (e.g. Nature, internet)

The thing to keep in mind is that when searching in Pixabay, the 2-4 pictures which appear in the first line are sponsored by another website Shutterstock. That is, they are ads from which Pixabay earns money. Do not forget to use them also because those photos are completely copyrighted.

2) • Unplash (UNSPLASH):

Unsplash is also considered one of the best websites to download copyleft pictures. It was formed in 2013 by 4 people together.

Today, Unsplash has a collection of over 10 lakh free photographs in its database, which has been contributed by about 1 lakh Photographers from all over the world.

Unsplash’s dashboard is quite simple and powerful. In this, you can directly search the topic of photos and at the same time browse different types of photos according to their category (e.g. Wallpaper, textures)

3) • Free-Range (FREERANGE STOCK):

After creating a free account on the free-range stock website, you can download as many royalty-free images for your website.

In this, you can use different types of searches (e.g. Illustrations, photos) to find different types of pictures.

4) • PIXELS:        

Pixels is a great website, on which you can download copyright-free videos as well as photos.

Believe it, the simpler its interface looks from the outside, the more powerful the POWERFUL is from inside.

In this, you can also see the trending pictures going on in the recent past and if you want, you can also react to them by creating an id.

5) • Wikimedia Commons (WIKIMEDIA COMMONS):

The Commons is an initiative of the Wikimedia Foundation, whose purpose is to provide copyright-free images, videos, and audio clips to the creators.

Wikimedia is the world’s largest non-profit site. Whatever work Wikimedia does is not for its benefit, but the benefit of the common people.

Whenever you will write Wikimedia Commons with your topic in Google search [eg- “Nature Wikipedia Commons] then you will get to see all the related copyright-free images.

Apart from this, if you want to go to its website and download photos from there, then you can do that too. But it is a bit difficult to get a photo from there because there are lots of categories in it which takes a lot of time to browse (eg. Nature »green nature» jungle »dense» there we are!)

Apart from this, if you have a good photo and you want to donate it, then you can also help people by uploading it.

6) • Creative Commons (CREATIVE COMMONS aka CC):

Like Wikimedia, Creative Commons is also an American non-profit site that provides free resources to people.

On this, you can access and download millions of free images and can also upload your copyright-free pictures.

You can also access the millions of pictures in it according to the different categories and by using filters on them, you can also download the best images for your work.

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