10 weird websites you haven’t seen on the internet

10 weird websites you haven’t seen on the internet world

Today, almost everyone uses the Internet and you open some websites during the day whether downloading songs or any shopping or other website, and you would not know about many websites and today a new website is being created every day. Is and will tell you that as of March 2005 more than 100 million web sites were running.

And at that time there were so many websites, so you can guess how many websites will be there today, you must have seen many websites such as getting some information or downloading a song or movie, but let me tell you that there are some websites about which Syed Only you will know and this is a very useful website, so today I will tell you about some websites that you have an amazing website about.

10 strange websites in the world of inte


This is a great website, if you run Facebook, you will want to see this website, it is a website on top of which you can see all the pictures of about 1 billion Facebook users at once. You can get information like how many accounts are being created on Facebook every day and how many accounts are being deactivated every day, you are being deleted, if you want to get any data related to Facebook, then you can visit this website You can go, you will find everything there and will tell you that there is data on this website every day, updated every moment. The data changes every second. As soon as the data of the Facebook account changes on this website, the website keeps updating automatically.


This website is mostly used by Astronode, that is, this website is very useful for those who keep researching Astronode, this website contains all the information of galaxies and the computer models of the galaxy inside this website are well can see. And we have information about every position of the Sun inside this website and if we want a picture of the Milky Way or anything, inside this website we get all the information along with the computer model.


This is a website which has a feature called Waybackmachine inside it, within which we can take information of any website’s page at any time inside this website, which is the Wayback Machine if we can Selectively search the website and enter it, then we can take the information of that website anytime, from this wakebackmine, we can go on any date.

If at any time you want to take any information of a website or channel and see how it was at that time, then you put a link to that website or channel inside this wakebackmine and do a search, then you have all that information It will be available on the desktop in a while.


If you are more interested in hacking, then this website is perfect for you. The most important thing about this website is that if you go to this website and type anything on your keyboard, it will show the actual code i.e. if you do anything, you like it if you do it. If you type too fast, it will look

That someone is typing the code very quickly. Many people use this website to make someone sitting near them crazy because they type something quickly on their keyboard and the other person thinks it is someone who is fasting so fast, if If you are interested in doing something, you can do so by visiting this website.


It is a website in which different types of data in the world are displayed in real time, no matter what the data is about anything around the world, this website is shown in real time like every other in the world. Second, how much population is increasing, how much population is decreasing, how many deaths are happening, how many children are being born, how much money is being spent, where and how many cars are being sold, you will get all kinds of data. Get it in real time inside the website

If you want any type of data for any use, then you can pick up any data by visiting this website, you will get the same type of data as this website is updated automatically from time to time.

Fire Eye Cyber ​​Threat Map

FireEye Cyber ​​Threat Map is one such website. All the information related to hacking is shown and today there are lots of hackers in the world and all the time they try to hack someone’s system and it is not only in one country, they can move from any country to any system in another country. Let’s try to hack into the world

So this is the special thing of this website that it gives information about real-time hacking attack from one country to another and it tells about which country’s hacker has hacked which country’s system and in the world How many hacking attacks have occurred. The day, all the information appears on the display, it also shows in real time.

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